Sacrament of Confirmation

May 20, 2020

TO:                St. Dominic Confirmation Candidates and Parents

FROM:            Johnny Smestad, Youth Minister

Following is an update about the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Please review carefully.

1) COMMUNICATION:  Communication continues to be through e-mail, and I can be reached at 504-813-3003.  A special Confirmation page has been established on which will contain the same information sent via e-mail.

2) CONFIRMATION MASS – We are waiting for Orleans Parish to increase the allowed occupancy of churches to a number beyond 100 so we can attempt to hold the Confirmation Mass with enough capacity to accommodate the candidates, sponsors, and a very limited number of guests.  (Please note that our candidates and sponsors total 124 people without any other guests.)  Once we reach that point, we will consult with Archbishop Aymond and with our families to schedule the Confirmation Mass.

3) RETREAT – The CYO Spring Retreat scheduled for April 18-19, 2020, was cancelled.  Once coronavirus restrictions are eased, we will determine how and when a retreat can be held.  If a retreat cannot be held prior to a new Confirmation date, I will communicate with those who were scheduled for the Spring Retreat about a suitable alternative.