The 2019 summer trip is just about here!  Please take a look at some last minute reminders, call me if you have any questions, and pray now that we have a blessed and safe journey!  All documents including the hotel room list, the bus list, and the updated itinerary are available here: 


Trip T-shirt: Pick up at July 14th Monthly Meeting

• Summer Trip T-shirts will be available for pick up at the CYO Monthly Meeting on Sunday, July 14 in the gym.  It is strongly recommended that you attend the Monthly Meeting to pick up your shirt AND hear important trip updates that will help you prepare well.  If you are out of town and unable to attend on July 14, please call Johnny at 504-813-3003 to make other arrangements to obtain your T-shirt.


Final Payments 

• Any remaining payments must be submitted to the church office this week or brought to the Monthly Meeting on July 14 at the latest


Itinerary Update, Disney Fast Passes, Disney Dining

• The final itinerary is available for download/print on our website at the link above.  

• To do advance registration for Fast Passes, you may obtain your Disney Park Hopper pass code number from a personalized text being sent to you or from the list available at the Monthly Meeting on Sunday, July 14, 2019, and then create an account at or through the Disney phone app, and reserve up to 3 Fast Passes per day.  Please note that we will visit the Disney theme parks on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the trip.  Do not make Fast Pass reservations too close to our arrival or departure times from the parks as you may not be able to use them.  CYO is not responsible for you missing a Fast Pass reservation due to arrival/departure times or unforeseen changes to the itinerary.

• If you wish to make advance Disney Dining reservations on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, please do not make plans for Sunday dinner as we have a group dinner plan at the House of Blues Orlando at Disney Springs.


Hotel & Bus Lists

• The final hotel room list and bus list are available for download/print on our website at the link above.

• The busses have been arranged with freshmen on one bus and sophomores, juniors, and seniors on the other bus.  If you want to request any variations from that plan, you must speak with Johnny at the Monthly Meeting on July 14th.  No requests will be considered after that date.  



• Remember to carefully review the packing list.  Another copy is available on the CYO website.  Please bring a small disposable poncho or small umbrella as well.

• Please do not wear the trip T-shirt on departure day – but make sure you have it packed.  Everyone will be required to wear it on Friday, the day we take the group photo in the Magic Kingdom at Cinderella’s Castle.

• Members should limit themselves to 1 main suitcase to place underneath the bus, plus a carry-on for inside the bus.

• You may want to bring things with which to pass the time such as books, iPods or DVD players with headphones, decks of cards, other small board games.  Please ensure that games are appropriate; Cards Against Humanity are not permitted on CYO trips.

• You may bring snacks and drinks on the train.  Any small cooler you bring must be waterproof/leakproof.  Sunflower seeds and energy drinks are not permitted on CYO trips.


Departure Day

• You should have breakfast or get coffee BEFORE coming to St. Dominic.  Do not arrive at the yard and then leave to go to Starbucks or Nola Beans.  This will delay our departure for Orlando.

• Everyone must arrive at St. Dominic schoolyard at 7:30 AM on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.  Parents should park in the yard and leave Vicksburg Street clear for the busses.






 CYO Social Activities Overview

The CYO sponsors a variety of social activities for teenagers in the parish so that they can build a sense of community with each other and feel that St. Dominic Parish is a true home for them. CYO sponsored social activities also provide a safe, structured environment of Christian values that serves as an alternative to just "hanging out" with nothing to do. The Annual End of Summer Lock Out, the annual Summer Trip, field trips to ice skating, the corn maze, canoeing, and much more are some examples of the activities that take place throughout the year.