Youth Board


The Youth Board is the primary leadership group for the St. Dominic CYO.  Made up of four officers, four program chairpersons, the representatives to the Archdiocesan youth council (Teen Cross) and various grade level representatives, the board works to plan all of the CYO's activities, serves as a voice for teens in the parish, and develops the leadership skills of its members.  Eight of the positions are elected and the rest are appointed.  Information on board positions and the annual election/selection process can be found in the CYO By-laws.


2020-2021 Youth Board

President - Parker Anderson

Vice-President - Dami Bertin

Treasurer - DJ Bent

Secretary - Brooke Nuss

Spiritual Chair - Kaitlin Callahan

Service Chair - Rylee Landreaux

Social Chair - Monica Cabes

Athletic Chair - Brooke Javier

12th Grade Rep - Austin Hamm

11th Grade Rep - Bradley Hughes

11th Grade Rep - Merrick Rotolo

10th Grade Rep - Matthew Cashio

10th Grade Rep - Mia Helwig

10th Grade Rep - Olivia Labruzzo

10th Grade Rep - Timmy Peterman

10th Grade Rep - Sylvia Sausse

9th Grade Rep - Amelia Broussard

9th Grade Rep - Kameron Callahan

9th Grade Rep - Maria English

9th Grade Rep - Jackson Freaner

8th Grade Rep - Caden Catanzaro

8th Grade Rep - Natalie Halphen

8th Grade Rep - Sydney Hughes

8th Grade Rep - Grant Latino

8th Grade Rep - Wyatt Mire

8th Grade Rep - Madison Pearce