Announcement Nov 24, 2020

November 24, 2020

TO:  St. Dominic CYO Members 

FROM: Johnny Smestad, Youth Minister

First, this is a reminder that the CYO canoeing/kayaking trip is this Saturday, November 28, 2020, on the Bogue Falaya River on the northshore.  As this is an outdoor activity with built-in distancing with no more than two people already six feet apart in a canoe or kayak, we are proceeding with this activity.  However, the capacity of the bus will be reduced in conjunction with Louisiana moving back to Phase 2, and so all members with the means to get their own transportation to Covington are asked to do so.  There will one bus and it will be limited to 18 people; seats will be claimed on a first-come, first served basis when you sign-up.  The sign-up deadline for canoeing/kayaking is the end of Wednesday, November 25.  If there is inclement weather on Saturday you will be notified of any change in plans that morning by text and we will attempt to reschedule in December.  

Second, I need to provide an update and challenge regarding upcoming events.  As you should know, Louisiana and metro New Orleans is experiencing a spike in Covid cases and the state is reverting to a modified "Phase 2" re-opening similar to the rules that were in place during most of the summer.  CYO in-person activities were conducted during that time and will continue now insofar as it is possible and safe to do so.  Having said that, I want to call the attention of every teenager to the fact that no matter how we take precautions during CYO events with masks, distancing, temperature checks, sanitizing, etc., none of it matters if the choices you make in your personal social lives disregard even the most basic precautions. I am aware from your own leaders on the Youth Board that recent weeks have seen Halloween parties, Sweet Sixteen parties, Homecoming events, and Quinceañera gatherings that have almost completely disregarded the most basic precautions such as masking.  And now actual Covid-cases as well as quarantining of healthy individuals have increased substantially among high school students.  Even if you personally do not get sick, or do not get seriously sick, you may expose more vulnerable people to Covid, and you definitely get caught in a cycle of quarantining that affects your academic progress and the ability to take part in sports, other extra-curricular activities and the programs of St. Dominic CYO.  If the current spike is not reduced, some CYO activities that are primarily indoors and extended in nature, in particular the Winter Retreat, may be jeopardized.   Please do your part in the weeks ahead to reduce the spread even if that means sacrificing some of your social life so that your schools don't return to virtual learning and we don't have to cancel CYO programming.

We anticipate publishing a December Newsletter after Thanksgiving with the first activity being the service morning in City Park on December 5 and a Monthly Meeting on December 6.

Thank you.



The Youth Board is the primary leadership group for the St. Dominic CYO.  Made up of four officers, four program chairpersons, the representatives to the Archdiocesan youth council (Teen Cross) and various grade level representatives, the board works to plan all of the CYO's activities, serves as a voice for teens in the parish, and develops the leadership skills of its members.  Eight of the positions are elected and the rest are appointed.  Information on board positions and the annual election/selection process can be found in the CYO By-laws.


2020-2021 Youth Board

President - Parker Anderson

Vice-President - Dami Bertin

Treasurer - DJ Bent

Secretary - Brooke Nuss

Spiritual Chair - Kaitlin Callahan

Service Chair - Rylee Landreaux

Social Chair - Monica Cabes

Athletic Chair - Brooke Javier

12th Grade Rep - Austin Hamm

11th Grade Rep - Bradley Hughes

11th Grade Rep - Merrick Rotolo

10th Grade Rep - Matthew Cashio

10th Grade Rep - Mia Helwig

10th Grade Rep - Olivia Labruzzo

10th Grade Rep - Timmy Peterman

10th Grade Rep - Sylvia Sausse

9th Grade Rep - Amelia Broussard

9th Grade Rep - Kameron Callahan

9th Grade Rep - Maria English

9th Grade Rep - Jackson Freaner

8th Grade Rep - Caden Catanzaro

8th Grade Rep - Natalie Halphen

8th Grade Rep - Sydney Hughes

8th Grade Rep - Grant Latino

8th Grade Rep - Wyatt Mire

8th Grade Rep - Madison Pearce