Peer Ministry

The Peer Ministry Team is made up of high school juniors and seniors selected each May through an application process.  The team's primary work is in planning and leading the two major annual CYO retreats, an overnight experience each November on the weekend after Thanksgiving, and a two-night weekend retreat each Lent.  The retreats routinely draw some 80-100 teenagers on each occasion.  The Peer Ministry Team also works on other special projects of its choosing throughout the year.  Some examples include its training retreat, a CYO-led parish Stations of the Cross in Lent, and faith-sharing/topic discussion nights.  Along with the Youth Board, the Peer Ministry Team also serves as committed adorers at the weekly "teen hour" in the parish Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.  For teens looking to make a difference in the spiritual life of the CYO, the Peer Ministry Team is a great place to get involved.


2023-2024 Peer Ministry Team 

Margaux Amedee
Emma Borde
Benjamin Brockhoff
Amelia Broussard
Kameron Callahan
Rachel Clark
Bryce Couvillon
Degan Dansereau
Maria English
Jackson Freaner
Ashley Gerrets
Lauren Guilbault
Claire Hasney
Elise Holloway
Sydney Hughes
Morgan Kernion
Christian Lang
Gabrielle Maggio
Kevin Marinello
Juliette Marino
Abby Meyaski
Wyatt Mire
Olivia Prince
Quinn Rosenstein
Nicholas Rosevally
Bella Sannino
Ruby Rose Spedale
Reese Taylor
Grace Wallace